What is Snap Jewelry

Fashion Snap Jewelry is a new style of interchangeable jewelry and accessories that features removable Fashion Snap Charms.   You can use a single Fashion Snap Charm on multiple bracelets, necklaces, hats, earrings, gloves, belts, and many more base pieces.   It gives you the flexibility to use the same necklace, or other base, with many different styles or color of charms.

Removing a Snap Charm

Changing a Fashion Snap Charm can be done by using your finger, or Snap Pick Tool, and prying the snap from the base.  You can then install a new Snap Charm in its place to change the look.

Care and Cleaning

Fashion Snap Charms and Jewelry are made of Zinc Alloy and other metals with rhinestones, beads, and natural stones.  Some Charms have enamel painting and have been antiqued plated.

To keep your jewelry looking bright and sparkling, you should clean with a dry polishing cloth, or use a soft bristle tooth brush that is damp with water.  Please do not immerse in water or use liquid jewelry cleaners.   Cleaners can be harsh with chemicals and cause permanent damage to the metal, plating, and stones used on the jewelry.

We recommended that you do not wear your jewelry in a pool, spa, or ocean.  Exposure to water and chemicals can damage to the adhesives used on stones and rhinestones, and cause permanent damage to leather materials.


We will process your order and ship as soon as possible.  We ship all customer orders using USPS or UPS.   Shipment tracking numbers for your purchases are sent via email with each order at time of shipment.   You can choose the shipping options and methods for your order in your cart at checkout.

Snap Charm Sizes & Compatibility

The majority of the Fashion Snap Charms offered on our site are 20m in diameter.  Fashion Snap Charms do range in size and shape from 18mm to 25mm depending upon the design.  Our Charms and Jewelry are compatible with Ginger Snaps, Snap Chunks, or Noosa style Jewelry and Accessories.

Points and Rewards

Due to a conflict with our Wholesale program, we are having to eliminate the current Points and Rewards program.  However, we will establish a new program as soon as possible.

Wholesale Program

We are offering our entire product portfolio for Wholesale Buyers who own small shops and boutiques and would like to have our jewelry for resale.   Please contact us to request a Wholesale account.  


Wholesale users residing in Texas must supply a current Texas Resale Exemption Certificate to qualify for tax free ordering.   Wholesale Buyers have the option to use our Wholesale Order Form at the following link:

Wholesale Order Form